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Disease Management

At Walnut Creek Family Practice in McDonough, Georgia, we provide comprehensive care for chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure (hypertension), asthma and other issues such as depression. Our caring family practice doctors will educate you about your disease and determine how to properly manage it, i.e., through lifestyle changes, diet and exercise, and medication.

We take pride in providing exceptional individualized treatment and management plans to help our patients of all ages feel their best and live full lives. To request an appointment today, call Walnut Creek Family Practice at (770) 898-7840.

Managing Your Diabetes

If you have diabetes, it’s vital to monitor and control your blood sugar level to manage the disease and reduce the risk of other complications. At Walnut Creek Family Practice, our qualified doctors can help you learn everything you need to know about managing your type of diabetes, while maintain a healthy lifestyle. At your appointment, you will learn about:

  • Glucose monitoring and A1C testing
  • Administering insulin injections (if necessary)
  • Taking your prescribed medications
  • The importance of nutrition, meal planning and exercise
  • Potential complications of diabetes and how to prevent them

To gain control of your diabetes and health, make an appointment with one of our qualified family practice doctors.

Please visit our Patient Education Library to learn more about Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

Managing High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

High blood pressure (Hypertension) is the number one risk factor for cardiovascular problems (enlarged heart, heart attack, heart failure, aortic aneurysms), stroke, as well kidney failure, atherosclerosis, peripheral artery disease, and blindness. When combined with obesity, smoking, high cholesterol, or diabetes, hypertension increases the risk of experiencing a heart attack or stroke.

During your appointment, your doctor will:

  • Check your blood pressure and determine what your optimal goal should be
  • Test your cholesterol levels and educate you about the different types of cholesterol and your ideal target levels
  • Recommend lifestyle changes to lower your blood pressure. In addition to weight loss, exercise and dietary changes, you should quit smoking and avoid alcohol.
  • If indicated, prescribe medication to treat your high blood pressure
  • Every treatment plan is individualized based on your condition and risk factors.

The doctors at Walnut Creek Family Practice will carefully determine how best to manage your hypertension and guide you throughout your treatment. 

Please visit our Patient Education Library to learn more about high blood pressure (hypertension), high cholesterol and heart disease.

Managing Your Asthma

Asthma is a lung disease that causes the breathing tubes in the lungs to temporarily become constricted, or narrow, causing difficulty breathing air in and out of their lungs. An allergen or irritant in the environment usually triggers these asthma flare-ups. Although there is no cure for asthma, it can be treated with lifestyle changes and medication to prevent flare-ups from occurring. However, if left untreated, asthma can become severe and even life threatening.

The goals of asthma treatment are to establish normal lung function, relieve symptoms and prevent asthma flare-ups. If you have asthma, your doctor will:

  • Help you identify and avoid the allergens that trigger your asthma
  • Instruct you how to use a peak flow meter at home. By measuring your lung volume, you may be able to detect and prevent an upcoming asthma flare-up.
  • Prescribe medications based on the severity of your asthma, the cause of your symptoms and your lung functioning.

Walnut Creek Family Practice our providers will help you manage your condition and relieve your asthma symptoms.

Please visit our Patient Education Library to learn more about asthma.

Managing Depression

Depression is the most common mental health condition we see and treat. It is estimated that 16 percent of Americans will suffer from depression at some point during their life, and women are almost twice as likely as men to become depressed. Fortunately, depression is a highly treatable condition.

The type of treatment you receive depends on several factors, including the cause, severity and type of depression that you have. Common treatments for depression are therapy and medication.

At Walnut Creek Family Practice, we provide compassionate care for both your physical and mental health. If you or a loved one suffers from depression, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease or another mental health condition, we can help. Call (770) 898-7840 to request an appointment today.

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